Make Every Rep Count

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

You may be on this website and wondering what exactly is sport psychology and how do I use it? As competitors we train all the different energy and strength systems, we train sport specific movement patterns, we do a thousand boring drills until we are sick of them, just to make sure when the game is on the line, we are sure to perform the necessary physical task to succeed. Every rep we do makes a difference in our final performance.

We spend an awful lot of time and money to be the best we can be in our sport, yet we gamble with our mental fortitude. We assume that all the grueling hours we have spent and adversity we have faced along the way prepare us for performance day. All that training certainly prepares us, but if there was another new drill you learned about that improves performance, you wouldn’t think twice about adding it to your practice. Well, what if that drill, is a mental resilience training program?

Over the years science has been catching up; we add recovery tools, supplements, different training principles with new findings, and most recently we are finding that our mood and thoughts drive our performances as well. Let’s add this to your toolkit so that on game day you can honestly say you have prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for this.

Let’s start by asking this question: If you want to squat better you should probably do some squatting right? Well, if you want to think better, you’re going to have to start thinking about your thinking (metacognition) daily. Throughout these blogs you will see different skills and techniques you can begin to add into your daily mental practice. Over time, just like your sport performances increase, so will your mental performance. You’ll decrease your chances of hitting mental fatigue, you’ll have skills to use in training and they will carry into your performance.

Make every rep count...

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